Workshop on Multimodal Human - Robot Interfaces


Haptic interfaces, natural language and gestures have traditionally been used to interact with robots. However, in last years, new modalities of interaction have emerged, like EMG and EEG interfaces. The current scenario is one of transition from the industrial workplace towards increasing interaction with the human operator in other scenarios. This means that interaction with humans is expanding from a mere exchange of information (in teleoperation tasks) and service robotics to a close interaction involving physical and cognitive modalities. It is in this context where multimodal interfaces combining different kind of interaction modalities play a crucial role. Multimodal interfaces increase usability (the weaknesses of one modality are offset by the strengths of another) and they have implications for accessibility (a well-designed multimodal application can be used by people with a wide variety of impairments).

This workshop will provide an overview of the most recent advances about human-robot multimodal interfaces and it will explore new directions in the field, with a particular focus on interfaces for disabled people. The workshop will form an ideal environment for the emerging community to meet and exchange ideas.

Anchorage, Alaska, May 3, 2010